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Happy Wife, Happy Life

(I wrote and posted this Note on my FB page, and  since I’m resuscitating this blog and have not started writing entries, I thought of reposting this here) “Happy wife, happy life,” said my husband last night, as he agreed to watch with me a Tagalog movie I wanted to see. I was smiling from ear… Continue reading Happy Wife, Happy Life

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The Goal is not Perfection

It’s exam week, officially starting tomorrow. My girls (Meggy and Maddie) have been busy preparing for the past few days and tonight is the last night for review. After dinner, I decided to take them out at our favorite hang-out place (Poco Deli) and let them finish the last few parts of their review material. I… Continue reading The Goal is not Perfection

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Lessons from ballet shoes

Meg has been attending ballet class without ballet shoes for the past three weeks now. This is the third time she lost another pair of ballet shoes. Well, second time to miss a pair, because the other time, she lost only one of the pair. She either forgot or misplaced, or left somewhere. Maegan has not… Continue reading Lessons from ballet shoes

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Working Girls

Despite having a helper at home, we teach our children to take on responsibility by assuming chores at home. We assign them tasks that are reasonable and appropriate their ages (6, 9). Meg can set the table, clear it up, and wash the dishes. Maddie can sweep the floor, arrange her closet, give her little… Continue reading Working Girls

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What do you love the most about life?

There are days I pause and wonder, “Who am I? What was I made to do? What is my purpose?” Some days, I see clear answers; other days, the vision is hazy with a cloud of doubt and a lot of insecurities. Many will agree with me that we all struggle with this basic question.… Continue reading What do you love the most about life?